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Hustler Asks People to 'Stop Abusing Vegetables' in Safe-For-Work Campaign

Larry Flynt talks about coming up with the dirtiest clean strategy

If you've been driving around Los Angeles lately, you may have noticed a billboard showing a cartoon cucumber imploring you to #stopvegetableabuse by buying real sex toys at Hustler Hollywood.…

Larry Flynt Offers $1M Reward for Mitt Romney Tax Returns

Hackers, on your mark!

It’s no secret that Larry Flynt, the often-controversial founder and publisher of Hustler magazine, is not a fan of Mitt Romney. (Maybe that’s because the Republican nominee has said that…

Larry Flynt Offers Anthony Weiner a Job

And he's completely serious, too

Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt has decided to do something about the nation’s unemployment problem—well, sort of. In a letter published in the Huffington Post, Flynt has offered disgraced former congressman…