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Mexico Surprises U.S. Workaholics With Versions of Themselves Who Actually Take a Holiday

That's not a mirror

The Lapiz agency's "Doppelgänger Tourists" campaign shames workaholics Mike and Ann into taking vacations ... by introducing them to their dopplegängers, who have been living it up in Mexico. Oh, yeah:…

Mexico Tourism Board Made Billboards Out of Snow in Chicago This Spring

Cool messages of warmth from Lapiz

There was enough snow this winter, and spring, that agencies started making ads with it. At least, Lapiz did in this fun campaign for the Mexico Tourism Board. After an unexpected…

Re/Max Hires Leo Burnett

Names lead creative agency on heels of IPO filing

Re/Max has selected Leo Burnett as its lead creative agency. Leo Burnett will handle the account out of its Chicago headquarters.  The team working on Re/Max will include staffers from Lapiz, the…

Kellogg's Goes Back to the Land

Launches return-to-roots campaign for cereal classics

After completing an overhaul of its master brand earlier this year, food conglomerate Kellogg’s is launching a new return-to-roots campaign, focused on the simplicity of some of its most classic…