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Klout Looking for Clout With Brands

Mysterious influence-measurer rolling out +K button in June

Get ready for another social button to populate pages across the web. Klout—a startup that rates users’ online influence somehow based on their Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Google+, LinkedIn activities and…

Airline Lost Your Luggage? Tell It to Twitter

Airlines, notorious for bad customer service, use social media to soothe unhappy fliers—and stand out from rivals

For disgruntled airline passengers, Twitter is the new squeaky wheel. Unhappy about WiFi failing on your flight? Tweet about it and you may get an apology and even some extra mileage…

A Million Little Klouts

The influence measurement service suddenly finds itself battling back against a multitude of new competitors

Social media-loving ninjas, gurus, and wizards may once have touted their Klout. But if the recent spate of criticisms over the company’s privacy, transparency, and methodology is any indication, these…

Managing the 'Sharepocalypse'

Bottlenose dashboard aims to make social streams smarter

Call it information overload, drinking from a firehose or “sharepocalypse.” Social media feeds are only increasing in speed, and as the content piles up, users tend to tune out. Bottlenose, a…

Klout Wants to Turn Social Media Influence Into Revenue

Startup hires chief revenue officer from Turn

Joe Fernandez, the CEO of social influence startup Klout, said the company is ready to get serious about making money and pursuing advertisers. One sign of that seriousness: Klout just…

Getting Your Klout Out

The site's social media influence score is showing up on resumes

It’s like high school all over again. Only this time, popularity pays. A doting Twitter following now comes with perks, thanks to Klout, a website that analyzes and rates the influence…