Topic: The Kids Issue

Who's Hiding the Next SpongeBob?

Five up-and-coming cartoons for kids

Comedy is hard; cartoon comedy is even harder. With SpongeBob SquarePants rounding out its 13th year, both kids and buyers are curious to know where the next big animated comedy…

Grown-up Food Brands Are After Your Kids

Tykes are taking an interest in foodie culture, and marketers are happy to cater to them

For years, marketers created kid-friendly versions of adult foods—Frosted Flakes are essentially sugar-coated corn flakes, for example. But lately, there’s been a push toward food marketing with the whole family…

Marketing and the Hispanic Baby Boom

The opportunities and challenges of this rising demo

Muchas felicidades! Hispanic babies, born in the U.S. at a rate four times the total population between 2000 and 2010, are still gaining ground in the youngest of demos. While…

True Social Networks

As upfronts approach, the kids' networks were out of the gate early with events designed to underscore good times and GRPs

The open bar-fueled upfront party is making a comeback among kids networks. To take home a bigger helping of the television ad dollar, networks are forgoing boring but thorough early-morning presentations…

First Mover: Jeff Urban

The Whistle co-founder and father of four wants to make sports viewing safe for kids

What led to the idea for a multi-platform sports destination for kids? Were you getting tired of having your own see lots of beer ads? I met the two other founders,…

Disney Junior Chases Next Generation of TV Viewers

New net takes aim at rival Nickelodeon

As the kids networks face stiff competition for those young eyeballs, Disney Channel last week spun off its popular preschool programming block into a full-fledged network. Disney Junior, with a target…

Playing in the Stream

As video becomes more platform-agnostic, it's transforming the children's TV market—and what it means to be a kid

Children’s TV may have a problem on its hands: to a large slice of its target demo, a television is just a dumb iPad. Consider these stats: Cable viewership among…

Membership Has Its Privileges

Boys & Girls Clubs of America's Evan McElroy on partners from Denzel Washington to Coke and the importance of tech monitoring

The Boys & Girls Clubs of America doesn’t really buy advertising space. Still, its iconic blue logo—a minimalistic rendition of clasping hands designed by Saul Bass—has a tendency to pop…

Markey Keeping Kid-Track Bill On Track

Advertisers, take note: Congressman usually gets what he wants

The prevailing wisdom in Washington is that an election year is a terrible time to pass legislation. But don’t tell that to Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.), who is determined to…