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Oh, If Only MOO Cards Were Really Printed Like This

Adorably retro machines show off customization

Digital printing house MOO is run like one of those Acme factories from an old Warner Bros. cartoon in a fun new video from agency KesselsKramer. Highlighting the versatility of the…

Top 10 Commercials of the Week: Nov. 23-30

Father Time's time runs out, bodega goods bust a move and NBA stars dribble holiday cheer

This week, "Ebenezer" Snoop learns a lesson from his (puff, puff) Christmas past, Canon inspires extreme photography and Honda knows you're really dreading spending time with your psycho family this holiday…

Grabbing a Red Stripe Causes Store's Other Products to Break Into Music

Bodega comes alive in KesselsKramer stunt

Here's a pretty awesome stunt from London by Red Stripe. Ad agency KesselsKramer (along with Stinkdigital director Greg Brunkalla and creative technology consultancy Hirsch&Mann) rigged up scores of products in…

Dutch agency pioneers 1-second stamp film

Amsterdam ad agency KesselsKramer just completed a strange project for postal service TNT—creating a postage stamp that, when slowly rotated, appears to show a 1-second film featuring the popular Dutch…