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Super Bowl MVP Von Miller Will Dance Into Your Heart, and Your Madden 17 Starting Lineup

Heat kicks off Madden Season with more insanity

It's subtle, but if you watch this ad really closely, you might pick up the hint that Broncos star Von Miller would like to be on your Madden 17 team. OK…

Despite Backlash, Calvin Klein Keeps Its Racy New Ads Online

Brand is staying silent and deleting nothing (nsfw)

Calvin Klein surely knew its new ad campaign would ruffle some feathers, which is probably why it's choosing to weather the storm of online outrage rather than back down on…

Spotify's New Outdoor Ads Expose Justin Bieber's Surprising Hipster Appeal

Song was most popular in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Among all of Brooklyn, N.Y.'s trendy neighborhoods, Williamsburg is probably the one most associated with hipsters—who are typically music snobs. But surprisingly, it turns out ol' Billyburg is chock-full of Beliebers. According…

So, This Is Happening: Lyft Will Offer Justin Bieber's New Album for Half Price

The ride-sharing app goes pop

Both Lyft and Uber like to pontificate about how consumers will someday use their mobile apps for all kinds of things involving cars—not just rides. Now, Lyft is taking a…

Justin Bieber Spoofs His Own Calvin Klein Ads in Promo for Comedy Central Roast

Funny, sad or both?

Justin Bieber is officially eating his own tail. To promote his upcoming roast on Comedy Central slash desperate plea for respect, Canada's cruel revenge on America participates in a parody of…

The Year's 10 Most Unforgettable Social Moments in Sports

And the brands that took a bite

Thanks to a monumental year in sports that included both the World Cup and Winter Olympics, there were scores of opportunities for marketers and athletes to leave indelible marks via…

SNL Piles On by Ruthlessly Mocking Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein Ads

Kate McKinnon is a perfect clone

You gotta hand it to Biebs. He had the balls to show his (heavily Photoshopped) nuts to the world in the latest ads for Calvin Klein underpants. But given the kid's—aherm—the…

Justin Bieber Claims Untouched Calvin Klein Photo Is Fake

Pop star causes quite a buzzy controversy

Justin Bieber sure made a lot of noise on the Internet this week. On Friday, the music website published what it claimed to be an untouched image from the pop…

This GIF Shows You Just How Photoshopped Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein Ads Were [UPDATED]

Bieber says the unretouched photo is fake

UPDATE, Jan. 10: Justin Bieber's team insists the unretouched Calvin Klein photo below, showing a scrawnier, less well-endowed Bieber, is fake. The photo was posted to, but after getting…

Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein Ads Make Everyone Everywhere Question Everything

So, hot or not?

Stop the presses. Justin Bieber is making a Justin Bieber face in ads for Calvin Klein, and people are losing their minds. "Is he actually hot in these pictures?" some people…