Topic: Jung Von Matt

Ad of the Day: Tourism Stunt Gets People to Call the Quietest Place in Switzerland

Jung von Matt's latest offbeat idea for Graub√ľnden

Sometimes, it takes an entire village … to answer the telephone. To wit: Tschlin, a bucolic community nestled in the majestic mountains of eastern Switzerland's Graubünden region, is famed for being…

Ad of the Day: Packages Roam the Streets Looking for Their Owners in Cute Postal Ad

Missed your delivery time? Swiss Post will find you anyway

Here's some cute, simple fun from Jung von Matt/Limmat for Swiss Post—an outdoor stunt in Lucerne, Switzerland, in which 30 modified packages were seen roaming the streets, looking for their…

Ogilvy Names an Insider to Fill a Top Creative Role

Corinna Falusi rises to CCO of New York

Corinna Falusi is rising to New York chief creative officer at Ogilvy & Mather, filling a vacancy left by last summer's exit of Calle Sjöenell. Falusi, an executive creative director who…

Ad of the Day: Erotic Shop Fits Every Visual Metaphor for Sex Into 60 Seconds (SFW)

Jung von Matt gets playful

It's not easy to advertise X-rated products in a PG way. But Jung von Matt/Elbe does so in outlandish style with this spot for a German erotic retailer. Visual metaphors for…

iCrossing Nabs Two Beam Brands, Expands Role With Liquor Giant

Will handle all digital for DeKuyper and Laphroaig

Beam Inc. has selected iCrossing to lead digital marketing around its DeKuyper and Laphroaig brands, marking an expansion of the New York-based interactive firm's role with the spirits giant. Since July…

Incumbents Win Global Jim Beam Pitch

Three shops band together to pitch business

Jim Beam has sided with the incumbents. Three agencies that work on the bourbon brand in different regions—StrawberryFrog in the U.S., Jung von Matt in Germany and The Works in Australia—have…

Ad of the Day: Herbaria Tea

Will the world's scariest herbal-tea commercial really calm your nerves?

This new spot for the latest game in EA's Dead Space series really captures the visceral horror of the video-game franchise's sickest, most disgusting … wait, hold on. I'm sorry, this…

Student Behind Steve Jobs Logo Wins Grand Prix for Ogilvy's Coke Poster

Jung von Matt also wins top Outdoor prize for invisible Mercedes

CANNES, France—Student work doesn't get too much respect at Cannes. Until now. Jonathan Mak Long, the 20-year-old Hong Kong design student whose logo tribute to Steve Jobs rocketed around the world…

Ad of the Day: Mercedes-Benz

The automaker builds an invisible car to hype its zero-emission fuel-cell technology

Here is proof positive that ad agencies watch nerdy science videos on YouTube just as often as the rest of us. Remember a couple of years ago when "invisibility cloak" technology…

Ad of the Day: Mercedes

The automaker thanks the airbag for its years of service, as it tries to make it obsolete

It's a little odd to build an ad around receding technology. But that's just what Mercedes attempts in this new spot, titled "Thanks, Airbag," from German agency Jung von Matt. Of…