Topic: Julius Genachowski

#AskJulius Chat Turns Into No Chat

Pro tip: Use the hashtag

The Federal Communications Commission chairman's first foray into social media bombed today as Julius Genachowski—set to take questions via a Twitter chat at 1:30 p.m. for a half hour—failed to…

Wireless Spectrum To Take Center Stage At Next FCC Meeting

Rules for wireless spectrum ownership also on agenda

The Federal Communications Commission is set to begin the Herculean task of holding spectrum auctions to meet the nation's growing demand for wireless services. At the agency's next meeting on…

New FCC Commissioners to Testify Along Familiar Lines

Oversight hearing tomorrow could cover wide range of issues

The first public appearance of the new federal communications commissioners was essentially a bust. Appearing in May before the Senate Commerce Committee only days after they were sworn in, the…

Comcast Settles With FCC On Broadband Service Merger Condition

Cable giant agrees to pay $800,000 to U.S. Treasury

In an unprecedented move, the Federal Communications Commission found that Comcast didn't do enough to live up to one of the merger conditions it imposed when it approved the cable…

House GOP Moves To Block FCC Political Disclosure Rule

Language slipped into appropriations bill passes subcommittee

The new Federal Communications Commission rule requiring TV stations to move their political adertising files online may never see the light of day if the House GOP gets its way. GOP…

Broadcasters Take FCC to Court Over Political Ad Disclosure Rule

NAB alleges rule is 'arbitrary and capricious'

Broadcasters wasted no time challenging the Federal Communications Commission's recent rule requiring TV stations to put their political advertising files online. The National Association of Broadcasters filed an appeal in the…

FCC Votes to Put TV Political Files Online

Rule initially only applies to ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox affiliates in top 50 markets

Just in time for the election, the Federal Communications Commission showed its political colors and ordered television stations to put their political TV advertising files online. The vote on Friday morning…

New Bill Aims to Close Crunch in Spectrum Auction

Bill would require FCC to bundle federal and TV spectrum

It's finally beginning to sink in in Washington that the pending auction of spectrum voluntarily relinquished by TV broadcasters may hardly make a dent in the looming shortage of wireless…

FCC's Genachowski Gets Tough With Broadcasters

'He took out his sword and left'

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski’s speech before the National Association of Broadcasters in Las Vegas Monday didn’t go down easy with his audience. Adding insult to injury, he didn’t…

FCC to Vote on Moving TV Political Ad Files Online

Move could put broadcast stations at competitive disadvantage

Ever since the 2010 Citizens United case opened the gate for political action committees to raise money for candidates, Democrats have been pushing for more disclosures around political advertising. So…