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Inspirational New Jockey Campaign Shows What It Means to Be a True Hero

Spotlights wounded vet, firefighter and adoptive dad

Jockey's new campaign is showing what people are made of—literally and figuratively—with emotional videos starring everyday heroes. The campaign, "Show 'Em What's Underneath," includes three real-life inspirational stories, encouraging people to…

Agency of the Year: A Maturing Droga5 Still Hasn't Lost Its Edge

With a broader range and bigger ideas, the shop only seems to get better

The inspiration for "This Is Wholesome," the phenomenal, very un-Droga5-like campaign that the agency created for Honey Maid this year, came on a playground in New York's East Village. That’s where agency…

Snuggle, Jockey, Jolly Time Get Nostalgic in New Ads

Promote comfort in products even our grandparents loved

Vintage. Classic. Throwback Thursday (#tbt). Flashback Friday (#fbf). It’s hip to be nostalgic these days. And the comfort foods and brands that have thrived through the generations—in some cases 100 years…

Why Droga5 Thinks Its Jockey Campaign Could Last for a Decade

Planting a flag and 'Supporting greatness'

IDEA: What would Buzz Aldrin do? It depends on his underwear. He did impressive things in the '60s while wearing Jockey briefs—walking on the moon, for one. But imagine what he'd…

The 6 Manliest Fashion Brands of All Time [Video]

Robert Klara explains when it's alright for men to be fussy

What is it that makes a fashion item quintessentially manly? Historian and in-house Brand Genius Robert Klara talks us through the styles that will make a man of you.

Babe Ruth Makes Cameo in Jockey's New Ad

A great athlete, yes, but also just a man's man

Yes, Babe Ruth used to endorse the Jockey brand, but there’s another reason his image appears in a new ad for Jockey Sport underwear that breaks today. You see, beyond his…

Perspective: The Skinny on Skivvies

From Kneibler to Klein, a brief history

In the 1958 film Long, Hot Summer, Paul Newman sent moviegoers’ jaws straight to theater floors. His shocking exploit? Doing a scene in his underwear. During the Eisenhower era, men’s…