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Jeff Goldblum Is Back in New Ads for, This Time Directed by Bob Odenkirk

10 spots rolling out from RPA

Last year, Jeff Goldblum helped introduce to the masses in a set of ads from RPA. Now, he's back for the apartment-listing site's 2016 campaign, which includes 10 spots…

Meet a New George and Weezy in's Super Bowl Ode to The Jeffersons

Packed with subtle visuals, it's a spot worth re-watching

Why don't beans burn on the grill? And why would you be grilling beans in the first place? Such mysteries from The Jeffersons are addressed (if not answered) in's…

Jeff Goldblum and Lil Wayne Will Pitch at the Super Bowl

RPA continues site's campaign with 60-second spot

Continuing last year's campaign with Jeff Goldblum playing tech futurist Brad Bellflower, and agency RPA are going to the Super Bowl to introduce America to the housing market site.'s CMO…

Jeff Goldblum Shows You Exactly How to Act When You Get a Crappy Christmas Gift

An electronics retailer's useful tips

Some of us have better poker faces than others when it comes to reacting to disappointing holiday gifts. The Brits, despite their stiff-upper-lip reputation, appear to need some help in…

Jeff Goldblum Is a Loony Futurist in RPA's New Ads for

'Change your apartment. Change the world'

Jeff Goldblum, who's enjoying something of a renaissance as a pitchman, has scored another gig in a peculiar role as a futurist for—helping to introduce the company's advanced, perhaps…

Top 10 Commercials of the Week: Oct. 12-19

Brad Pitt, bouncing iPods, and finally, the truth about periods

This week, a cute kitty with a love for its owner's Toyota Corolla trades all nine of his lives for car rides, the kids from 2007's superviral "Charlie Bit Me"…

Ad of the Day: PayPal

Jeff Goldblum is his usual neurotic self in the company's first national ads

Buying stuff on the Internet is easy and safe with PayPal, says Jeff Goldblum. The actor-comedian stars in four entertaining new online spots from ad agency Publicis & Hal Riney as…