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Michael Wolff: On the Murdochalypse

Inside Week 2 of the News Corp. scandal

Other News Corp. Outlets Relatively Quiet on Story

Robbery at lemonade stand took priority on one Fox News show

While online news outlets posted constant updates on the shuttering of News of the World and the terms “News Corp” and “Murdoch” trended on Twitter all day Thursday, some News…

People Named Murdoch

Should the family be closed as well as the paper?

The possibility that Rupert Murdoch would choose to close a 168-year-old newspaper, a profitable one at that, is nil. It’s just that the man at the top, who once called…

Michael Wolff: On the End of the 'World'

Does the fallout from the hacking scandal signal the end of a dynasty?

The Devil's Due

Rupert Murdoch was in London last week for his company's annual summer party, trying, you can bet, to compartmentalize his likely-to-be-successful bid for satellite television company BSkyB—a capstone of a…

June 20 2011

Another Change in Top Ranks at News Corp.

General counsel Lawrence Jacobs leaving

The changing of the corporate guard at News Corp. continues as another top adviser to Rupert Murdoch is on his way out the door. On Wednesday, News Corp. announced that…

Media Matters to James Murdoch: 'Use Your Power for Change'

Liberal group wants a new era for News Corp.

Media Matters for America, a liberal watchdog group known for its constant sparring with Fox News, has put a full-page ad in today’s International Herald Tribune calling for change at…

Murdoch’s Attempt to End Phone Hacking Scandal Unlikely to Succeed

LONDON -- The story so far: Clive Goodman, a journalist for Rupert Murcoch’s English tabloid, the News of the World, was sent to prison in 2006, along with a private…