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Which Entertainment Show Is the Most Flattering to Celebrities?

Hairstyles dominate the conversation

Poor celebrities. It doesn’t matter how much they spend on their clothes or work out at the gym. Sooner or later they’re going to flash a little too much skin…

Best Apps

In the fickle world of apps, here are Adweek's latest obsessions—in music, maps, social, shopping & more

Vine In the past few years, GIFs have become a ubiquitous form of social content. Now, with Twitter’s new mobile sharing app, everybody can make a GIF-like video. Experts predict Vine…

Yahoo Maps Out Genome Ad Strategy

Audience buying platform seeks to help leverage data

Rough as the past year has been for Yahoo, one of the company’s more head-scratching moves may yet prove beneficial. Last November, Yahoo snatched up Interclick for $270 million, leaving…

TV Check-In Apps Get Social

With mobile utilities wanting to keep users engaged, big events like the Oscars are golden opportunities

Jeremy Lin and Pinterest weren’t Social Media Week’s only hot topics. Also dominating discussions was the maturation of second-screen experiences, especially when tied to TV’s biggest events. “Check-in is not the…