Topic: Insurance

Humans Are Their Own Worst Enemy in New Liberty Mutual Campaign

Hill Holliday celebrates humanity as 'imperfect creatures'

Humans. We sure suck, always doing stupid, destructive stuff. Like walking into glass doors, squirting ketchup all over our dinner companions and dropping air conditioners from tall buildings through the…

Geico Beats Rival Insurance Companies in a Taste Test

Take a sip and see

Geico follows the trend of real brands spoofing familiar ad styles in this series of auto-insurance "taste tests" via The Martin Agency. Consumers sip from cups of Geico (yum!) and…

Bus-Shelter Ad Lets You Pick and Play Songs

Insurance company builds special app and QR codes

Australia's NRMA Insurance has outfitted a Sydney bus shelter with a custom sound system that lets you choose the songs with QR codes, just to remind people that its coverage…

Crazy Mom and Silent Dad Return in Hill Holliday's Safeco Spots

Get more (stuff) out of life

In Hill Holliday's new Safeco Insurance spots, an uber-complain-y mom—introduced in a popular ad a while back—bitches about her grownup kids' affinity for stuff like motorcycles, RVs and ultra-modern homes.…

Buy Geico Insurance, Don't Get Eaten by Rescue Panther

New ads show less dangerous ways to save

These three new Geico ads from The Martin Agency are cute, but all of them have their glaring logical flaws. The couple who save money by getting the rescue panther…

Maxwell the Pig Makes Grand, Squealing Return for Geico

Adrenaline junkie hawks mobile app

Yeah, you're all sad this morning because Target left Wieden + Kennedy. But you know, nothing lifts your spirits quite like a pig screaming down a zip line. Yes, Maxwell…

Allstate's 'Don't Text and Drive' PSA Crashes Into Theaters

A fright before your film

Nothing quite spoils the holidays like crashing through the windshield of your car because you were texting behind the wheel. Dummy. This PSA from Allstate from Leo Burnett—made in 2010…

Meeting Yourself Isn't Altogether Pleasant in Australian Insurance Ads

Theme has been done better before

People meet healthier versions of themselves in Clemenger BBDO's campaign for Bupa, an Australian insurance company. Man, I hate when that happens, especially if my healthier self is also better…

Give Thanks for William Shatner's Epic Turkey-Frying Safety PSA

State Farm goes all-in with four-minute video

One of Hollywood's biggest hams, William Shatner, talks turkey in State Farm's primer for Thanksgiving deep-frying safety. Behold nearly four minutes of an unholy trinity—Shatner, frozen turkeys and hot oil.…

State Farm Site Lets You Wreak Havoc on Your Own House

Type in your address, unleash the alien

Here's a fun way to waste a few minutes of your day. State Farm's new site, State of Chaos, asks for your street address and then uses Google Street View…