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Should Your Agency Work for That Startup? Here's a Flowchart to Help You Decide

How to tell the next big thing from a boondoggle

It's time for South by Southwest, which means hundreds of agencies and startups will be colliding in Austin, where they hope to make the marketing equivalent of a love connection. But,…

Infographic: How Digital Is Changing Local Ad Spending

Which traditional media brands are keeping up?

Thanks to programmatic and increased mobile use, digital continues to be responsible for nearly all growth in local ads. With online advertising expected to increase by 42 percent this year—it…

The Winners and Losers of SXSW

Crunching the numbers

Which app, keynote speaker and barbecue joint got the most social buzz at SXSW? Who was the week's biggest celebrity? What were some of the event's highlights—and what made us…

Infographic: The Taxonomy of Advertising Agency Names

British creatives drill down into naming conventions

Conventional wisdom has it that ad agencies are named in one of two ways. Either the founders go the law-firm route and put their own names on the door (e.g.,…

Infographic Overload?

Viewed by some as the scourge of the Web, a well-executed infographic can effectively tell a marketer's story

The Web has been deluged with infographics in recent months, as more news sites and blogs (including Adweek) embrace them as part of their editorial mix. But some journalists and…

Infographic: Viral Spiral, 2006-11

Living helix of passed-along ads reveals the exponential growth of video sharing

Below is one of the coolest advertising infographics you'll see: the Viral Spiral of most-shared ads from the past five years, built by Unruly Media—the same company that previously brought…

Infographic: The Changing Scope of Advertising

A shifting landscape of formats, technologies and priorities

Yesterday, we looked back at the 200-year history of modern American advertising in that gargantuan infographic from Aquent and The Barbarian Group. Now, we look at the recent past and…