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Iggy Pop Has Some Totally Insane (and Some Actually Pretty Cool) Ideas for Advertisers

The rock legend entertains in lively talk at Cannes

CANNES, France—Note to Deutsch: Iggy Pop has some ideas for your Volkswagen advertising. But you're going to have to keep a very open mind. The punk legend had an entertaining chat…

Iggy Pop Recites Dylan Thomas' 'Do Not Go Gentle' in Killer Ad for Cannes Talk

Aging rocker defies mortality

Considering so many are hosted by ad agencies, it's a bit surprising that most Cannes Lions seminars aren't promoted with proper ads. But Grey is doing it up right with…

Iggy Pop Suddenly Loves Justin Bieber in Amnesty's New Anti-Torture Campaign

He'll tell you anything

UPDATE: The Ethical Adman reports that this campaign used images of its subjects without permission. Original post below: To prove its point that people undergoing torture will tell anyone anything (thus…

Iggy Pop Worried About His Integrity (or Is He?) in Fun Ad for His New Album

Major label or indie?

It's nice to see Iggy Pop taking a break from lending his music to cruise lines and starring in car-insurance ads to promote something a bit more relevant: his upcoming…