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Want to Block Ads? Wired Will Start Charging You for It

Offers ad-free version for $1 a week

Tech publisher Wired, which found that more than 20 percent of its daily readers use ad-blocking software, thinks it's found a way to recoup some of that lost advertising revenue:…

IAB Chief Blasts Adblock Plus as an 'Immoral, Mendacious Coven of Techie Wannabes'

Randall Rothenberg says foe is an 'extortion racket'

When Adblock Plus said it had been "disinvited" from this week's Interactive Advertising Bureau's Leadership Summit, it raised virtual eyebrows across the Web. Wasting little time and mincing no words,…

Mobile Ads Will Be Key to Targeting 2016's Hispanic and Black Voters

Survey finds minorities more likely to visit political sites via smartphone

Thirty-five percent of registered voters said digital media will be their most important method for learning about presidential candidates this year, according to a new study from the Interactive Advertising…

With the Internet of Things Looming, the IAB Creates a Data Center for Excellence

Acxiom, Oracle, Weather Company and other notable players join up

Few marketing topics in the past couple of years have grown more in importance than data. With the Internet of Things set to take off in earnest during the next…

Adblock Plus Was Uninvited From a Digital Ad Leadership Conference at the 11th Hour

IAB says event is for key 'digital-industry stakeholders'

Adblock Plus attended the Interactive Advertising Bureau's Leadership Summit last year, and the company had registered to go next week's 2016 conference. But the IAB last week informed Adblock Plus…

Playboy Will Make Its NewFronts Debut in May Along With 5 Other Publishers

Digital video producers vie for advertising dollars

A 60-year-old publication will be one of the new kids on the NewFronts block in 2016. Playboy will be among the 37 presenters during the fifth Digital Content NewFronts, where publishers…

The IAB Pivots on Ad Blocking and Issues a Mea Culpa: 'We Messed Up'

Debuts program for better digital promos

The Interactive Advertising Bureau today said the digital publishing industry has cared too much about revenues and too little about user experience and needs therefore to accept blame for the…

The IAB Calls Ad Blocking 'Highway Robbery' and Ramps Up Its Call to Arms

'There's a war between engineers'

Scott Cunningham, svp at the Interactive Advertising Bureau and general manager of the IAB Tech Lab, told Adweek after a press conference today that he's been privy to ad-blocking data…

With Digital Ads Shifting to HTML5, the Industry Now Has a New Set of Guidelines

IAB's handbook gets first update since 2013

The long-called-for migration of digital ads from using Adobe Flash to HTML5 is becoming a reality. It's a shift underscored by, among other developments, Amazon's switch to HTML5-only promos earlier…

Mobile Spending Is Growing Like Crazy, but Where Is It Going?

IAB says smartphone ads generated $31.9 billion in 2014

Mobile advertising grew 65 percent last year to become a $31.9 billion global industry, according to a new report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau. Those numbers bode well for ad…