Topic: Hot List 2012

The Hot List

The supernovas of print, television and digital media

"Hot" is, of course, relative. We reserve the designation for those media brands and media people thriving despite competition, market forces and that bugaboo of every business: the ever elusive…

The Finalists

The short list for the year’s hottest media properties

For several weeks, Adweek has polled readers, collected audience and advertising data, and otherwise gauged brand performance and relevance to arrive at this short list of the hottest media properties.…

Heat Seekers

From Honey Boo Boo to BuzzFeed and Garden & Gun, the Hot List Reader Poll is a media mashup set ablaze

When Adweek introduced the Hot List 32 years ago, the franchise focused exclusively on consumer magazines and their print ad business. Last year, we jettisoned our original formula to include…

Vote Now for The Hot List 2012: Print

What are hottest print publications?

These are the names that dominate publishing—and print is just the beginning. After getting spanked for their slow embrace of digital, magazine and newspaper publishers lately have made up for…

Vote Now for The Hot List 2012: Television

After mashing up cable and broadcast categories, we want to know: What are the hottest shows out there?

Remember when there were just three networks? Neither does anyone else. Cable has long since come to rival (and in some cases surpass) broadcast for prestige programming and ratings darlings—something…

Vote Now for The Hot List 2012: Digital

Which digital destination is turning up the heat?

In a digital-centric world, these are the very hottest digital destinations, grabbing the attention of consumers and advertisers alike—from news sites (The Huffington Post, The New York Times) to ascendant…