Topic: Hot List 2011

The 2011 Hot List Revealed!

View the year's hottest magazines, newspapers, TV and digital media brands

This year, to celebrate the media world’s tumultuous and always entertaining transformation, Adweek’s Hot List goes 360 to track the best print, TV, and digital properties. We culled and crunched…

Hot List: Magazines

See what magazine brands are taking chances and embracing change

General Interest Time As newsweeklies in general struggle for relevance, Time has hung tough, increasing readership along the way. In a dramatic news year, the magazine showed it may be big, but…

Hot List: Newspapers

'The New York Times' and 'Star Tribune' shine brightest

National Newspaper The New York Times Not long ago, some predicted The New York Times’ imminent demise. It proved the skeptics wrong. The Times repaid its debt to Carlos Slim Helú three…

Hot List: Hottest Creative Player

Bloomberg Businessweek creative director, Richard Turley

Business titles have never been much to look at, with all those pictures of old white guys. So with the tough state of business magazines, few might have expected Businessweek…

Hot List: Broadcast TV

CBS is the year's hottest network

CBS Sorry, Charlie. Despite Team Tiger Blood’s attempts to destroy the franchise, Two and a Half Men is far and away the No. 1 scripted series on TV. Such is the…

Hot List: Cable TV

AMC pulls ahead of the pack

Drama AMC In a three-way race that saw votes going to FX and a revitalized HBO, AMC thrived on the strength of its dead. Seething with self-righteousness and desperate for deliverance, the…

Hot List: Hottest Revenue Player

CBS president, CEO Les Moonves

CBS Corp. president and CEO Leslie Moonves last year received $57.7 million in total compensation, a sum that included nearly $8 million in a special cash payment for his “leadership…

Hot List: Digital

Facebook and Spotify are among the year's hottest digital media companies

Social Media Site Facebook Call it a bully, a new paradigm, a blessing, a curse—whatever you call Facebook, its presence and power is undeniable. Today the social network has more than 800…

Hot List: Readers' Choice Poll

'Adweek' readers rock the vote

For the first time ever in the Hot List’s 30-year history, Adweek’s editors asked readers to share their picks for the hottest magazines, newspapers, TV broadcast and cable networks, websites…