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Herman Cain May Be Gone, but His Crazy Ads Continue

Ex-candidate's SuperPAC releases weird fish spot

Newt Gingrich is often described as a dumb person's idea of what a smart person sounds like, but Herman Cain may have just topped him with this weird "Goldfish" ad,…

Women Speak Up in Herman Cain Sexual Harassment PSA

The non-victims step forward

Funny or Die has a thing for Herman Cain. On the heels of the two mock campaign videos in which Mike Tyson played the Republican presidential candidate, now we get…

The Blanding of America

There's a lot at stake when selling presidential candidates--so why is their branding so stupifyingly dull?

One of the most indelible and enduring images of the 2008 presidential campaign was candidate Barack Obama's logo: a simple, clean, blue "O" rising like a sun above a prairie…

Mike Tyson Back as Herman Cain in Second Classic Parody

'Imagine there's no pizza'

All right-minded Americans can surely agree that ex-heavyweight boxing champion and convicted felon Mike Tyson and former Godfather's Pizza CEO and Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain are both crazier than…

Cain's 'Smoking Man' Sparks Hefty Donations and Parody

Quirky ad credited with $5M campaign surge

The strangest thing about GOP candidate Herman Cain's recent "smoking man" ad? It seems to be working. The Wall Street Journal reports that Cain's ad, featuring mustachioed campaign manager Mark…

So Yeah, What Is Up With Herman Cain's Crazy Ads?

Smoking spot is just the latest oddity

There's been a lot of talk this week about the Herman Cain ad in which his chief of staff, Mark Block, is seen smoking. But it's really just the latest…

Inside the Campaign Ad Machine

A small group of savvy political operatives will control how billions will be spent in next year’s election

Talk to enough political consultants, and sooner or later you’ll hear some variation on the same story: the one about the tiny, small-market TV stations that, come the year after…

Fast-Food Candidate

Herman Cain has had a stellar career as a restaurant marketer. Will it play in D.C.?

Like other GOP candidates already on the stump for the 2012 elections, Herman Cain has the requisite equipment: a pro-business agenda, a catchy tagline (“Commonsense solutions for America”), and a…