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What Advertising Do You Admire and Why?

Creative chiefs at 4A's confab cite an app, packaging, TV ads

A simple question elicited varied responses today during a panel presentation at the 4A's Transformation conference: What work do you admire and why? For Co: Collective's Tiffany Rolfe, it's app that…

App Tells You Which Facebook Friend Will Give You the Flu

More mischief from Help Remedies

App-choo! Boutique OTC pharma company Help Remedies and production house Tool of North America present a tongue-in-cheek Facebook app called "Help, I have the flu" that lets users figure out…

Pharma Brand Helps Downtrodden, Like Petraeus and Romney, to Self-Medicate

Help Remedies lends a hand

How nice of Help Remedies, the pharma boutique with the crazy advertising, to send David Petraeus some headache medicine this week. And how nice it was last week when Help…

Droga5 Wins Grand Prix for Good for Inventing Bandages That Save Lives

Graham Douglas's breakthrough idea for Help Remedies

CANNES, France—Droga5 in New York was honored with the Grand Prix for Good here tonight for helping to develop an unusual new product for pharma boutique Help Remedies: an adhesive…

'Help I'm Nauseous Is Not Deviled Egg Flavored'

This and other pertinent facts from a pharma press release

Help Remedies is always amusing. The pharma boutique, known for its strange and compelling advertising, can liven up even the most tedious of media communications—the new-product press release. "Help I'm…

Ad of the Day: Help Remedies

Pharma boutique up to its usual tricks with crazy new spot for bandages that recruit bone-marrow donors

Help Remedies, maker of products like Help I have a headache (painkiller medicine) and Help I've cut myself (adhesive bandages), knows a thing or two about creating an unsettling mood.…

Droga5 Creative Invents Adhesive Bandages That Save Lives

Become a marrow donor with a drop of blood

Next time you cut your finger and need an adhesive bandage, you could save someone's life in the process. Not your own life, of course—unless that paper cut is particularly…

The Spot: I Want a New Drug

Help Remedies is a different type of pharma company: one that promises you less, in strange and compelling advertising

GENESIS: Richard Fine and Nathan Frank felt that pharmaceutical products and their marketing were needlessly complex, wasteful and confusing. They wanted to make simpler drugs, give them simpler names, put…

Anti-Insomnia Ads May Give You Nightmares

Help Remedies' odd dream recommendations

Pharma boutique Help Remedies is pitching its pain-med-free sleep aid (called "Help I Can't Sleep") with a series of extremely peculiar videos that address the problem of insomnia in a…