Topic: Gun Control

Can You Figure Out the Mystery Inside This Remarkable Ad About High School Love?

A message deeper than idle sketches

Here's a pretty amazing ad from BBDO New York, with a mystery at its core.  At the outset, we meet Evan, a high school kid who can't wait for summer break.…

Guns Don't Kill People. Toddlers With Guns Kill People, Says This PSA From the Brady Campaign

Satire, informed by a grim reality

McCann New York is taking a satirically Swiftian approach with its latest PSA for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. Titled "Keep America Safe," the ad highlights toddler gun violence…

Andrew Bird's New Music Video Is Also a Quietly Heartbreaking PSA About Gun Violence

Directed by actress Natalie Morales

If you've ever wondered about the effect that the increased frequency of mass shootings has had on the lives of young children, and how it can impact their day-to-day lives,…

Moviegoers Excited About Gun-Filled Blockbuster Are Tricked Into Seeing Real Gun Violence

Grey's powerful follow-up to last year's 'Gun Store'

States United to Prevent Gun Violence and Grey New York have made celebrated gun-control PSAs together for years. Now, they back with another powerful video, following up 2015's famous "Gun…

SNL Adds Guns Into Life's Sweetest Moments, With an Assist From Amy Schumer

Highlighting the absurdity of the American debate

If you've got a gun, why wouldn't you want to bring it along for all those special occasions—like a first date, or having a baby? That, at least, is the…

This Folk Song About Severed Fingers Is Actually a Gun Violence PSA for Millennials

'Keep your finger off the trigger'

Grey New York makes a ton of gun violence PSAs—from the famously brutal (and award-winning) "Ed" spot in 2013 to this year's stunt in which it opened a gun store…

Ad of the Day: Gun Violence PSA Makes Heartbreaking Statues From Victims' Clothes

FCB's 'Unforgotten'

Eight victims of gun violence are memorialized in lifelike but faceless plaster statues in FCB Chicago's "The Unforgotten," a traveling public-service installation and media campaign. Created for the Illinois Council Against…

Ad of the Day: Here's What Happens When You Open a Gun Store in the Middle of NYC

Every weapon has a history

States United to Prevent Gun Violence and its agency, Grey New York, have teamed up for some truly hard-hitting PSAs, including 2013's famous "Ed" spot, which won a Silver Lion…

Powerful 'Lockdown' PSA Marks a Grim Statistic: Nearly 100 School Shootings Since Newtown

The new reality in American classrooms

Classroom lockdown drills—at my first grader's school and every other school in America—have become the norm since the tragedy at Newtown, two years ago this Sunday. The powerfully sad PSA…

Remarkable Ads Protest the Absurdity of the Open-Carry Gun Policy at Kroger

Skateboards no, firearms yes

Agencies have taken many approaches to creating memorable gun-control ads. Grey Toronto's latest work for Moms Demand Action, opposing an open-carry gun policy in Kroger supermarkets, is thought-provoking—and notably restrained…