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Infographic: The Crazy Personalities of 5 Archetypal Agency People

You'll recognize a lot of these quirks

Here's an oldie, but new to us: The Anatomy of an Agency infographic from Grip Limited, offering pretty spot-on portraits of agency people (art director, copywriter, account person, developer, finance…

Cops Aren't There to Check Your Balls for You, Cancer PSA Reminds Guys

Nor will a mechanic find lumps on your lugnuts

In every sense, testicular care is a delicate matter. So while it can be a bit weird and uncomfortable to feel yourself up every so often, nonprofit Testicular Cancer Canada…

Taco Bell Brings Doritos Locos Tacos to Canada, Makes Impatient Critics Literally Eat Their Words

Angry tweets etched on shells

Be careful what you say about Taco Bell in Canada. The chain is liable to etch your angry rants on taco shells and force them down your throat. That's what…

Pizza Hut Sketches Art Masterpieces on Pizza Boxes Live on YouTube

Well, not all the results are cheesy

Weird, but also pretty neat: On Tuesday, Pizza Hut Canada streamed live YouTube video of an illustrator sketching commenter-suggested images on pizza boxes. It's a bit reminiscent of that artist…

Ad Agency That Put 10-Year-Olds in Charge Has Now Made a Feature Film

A 90-minute experiment for Labatt

Not content with the traditional advertising methods of TV spots and simple product placement in movies, Canada's Labatt Brewing is financing a feature-length film through its Kokanee brand. The film…

If 10-Year-Olds Ran an Ad Agency

Canada's Grip Limited puts the kids in charge

Are you better at advertising than a 5th grader? Probably not, judging by this entertaining video from Grip Limited, a Toronto ad agency that celebrated its 10th birthday recently by…