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12 Modern Tech Devices the Smithsonian Is Saving for Posterity

Figuring out which iPhone to keep (and which to toss)

Ask what’s in the American history collection at the Smithsonian Institution, and most people will mention really old stuff like The Star-Spangled Banner or a few chunks of Plymouth Rock…

This Week's Must Haves: a Super-Customizable Sensor That Tracks Pretty Much Anything

Plus, Martha Stewart-approved 3-D prints and a dock for your Apple Watch

Here’s a roundup of must-have items picked by the Adweek staff. This week, we're highlighting a customizable sensor that tracks everything from sleep patterns to steps, a leather pouch inspired…

You Shouldn't Trust Mobile Location Data

Buyers need to ask better questions

Location data for mobile ad campaigns gets a bad rap these days with advertisers, and for good reason. Sellers, including mobile ad networks, exchanges and publishers, fall short of specifying what…

FCC Requiring Additional Testing for LightSquared Network

Network could interfere with government GPS signals

Wireless startup LightSquared is facing yet another setback from the FCC as it tries to launch its new high-speed network, which has been under fire for its potential interference with…

LightSquared Proposes Non-GPS Killing Network

But critics say it could still interfere with signals

Mobile broadband start-up LightSquared faced a major setback in attempting to launch a new national, high-speed, wholesale-only wireless network—namely, a federal engineering advisory group’s suggestion that the FCC should rescind…

John Cleese Breaks Free in TomTom GPS Campaign

John Cleese has been doing ads forever, with extremely mixed results. The high point may have been his famous Compaq computer spots from the '80s. The low point was probably…