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Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan Can't Stay Mad at Each Other for Long in Funny Ad for Google Duo

Voice-calling app with the assist

Can BFFs Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan, the terrific twosome of the Los Angeles Clippers, stay angry at each for long?  We learn the answer in 72andSunny's brief bro-mantic comedy below,…

Google Is Telling More Transgender Stories at a Critical Time for LGBT Rights

Lonelyleap produces #transvoices documentary series

Google is back to celebrate more transgender stories. Three new documentary-style videos offer a glimpse into the lives of transgender people who are making a difference in their communities, with help…

Google Gets Nudists, Prancercisers and Dolphins to Amusingly Advertise Its OnHub Router

Handy technology for any offbeat group

For the layperson, internet routers are generally ugly and boring. They either work and are ignored, or they don't and are infuriating. But Google is having some fun promoting its OnHub,…

3 Agency Interns Have a Plan to Get More Women Into Google's Image Results for 'CEO'

And they need your help

Search for "CEO" on Google Images, and you'll find only a handful of the first 100 results include female faces. Of those, one is a stock photo and another is…

Google and Levi's Unveil a Connected Jean Jacket. See How It Works in Action

Touch-sensitive cuff coming to market

Fashion futurists, rejoice! Google and Levi's first smart garment has arrived, and it's a jean jacket that connects to your smartphone. The tech giant's Project Jacquard, focused on developing touch-sensitive fabrics,…

Google Built an Escape Room, and Is Making People Use a Bunch of Its Apps to Get Out

Virtual keys to a physical prison

Google France has built an escape room to seamlessly unite online and offline worlds. Created by We Are Social, Première Pièce will open at an undisclosed location in the heart of…

Everyone Is a Finger in Droga5's Zany New Ad for Android

Diversity, sort of

Visual synecdoche rules in Droga5's new Android spot, in which fingers dressed up as caricatures stand in for consumers. There's a hitchhiker finger in a Hawaiian shirt, and a subway commuter…

Google's 2015 Year in Search Is an Encouraging Look at What People Truly Care About

We still suck at math, though

The questions we ask reveal who we are, according to Google's 2015 year-end video. If that's true, then it appears we're a benevolent bunch of globally minded folks who want…

Virgin America's Bus-Shelter Ads Use Google Street View to Take You Inside Its Planes

'Test drive' before buying a ticket

Travel often? Use Google Street View? Hell, maybe you'll love Virgin America's Seat View. It's exactly what it sounds like: You use the campaign to "stroll" through the Airbus A320 that…

10 Things People on Google Are Just Dying to Know About Advertising

Should it be banned? Does Flo own Progressive?

When you've been immersed in advertising a good long while, it can sometimes be helpful to take a step back and look at it through normal human eyes. Or at least…