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Google to Launch New Commenting System

Strategy planned to challenge Facebook, improve search, bolster use of Google+

Google is on the move again. The Internet giant is said to be working on a Web commenting system, aimed at challenging Facebook's ubiquitious commenting platform, according to The strategy for…

Jason Spero: Mobile Evangelist

Google's head of sales and strategy on why businesses' mobile websites are behind the curve

Google’s mobile ad business is going gangbusters. In 2011, the company’s share of U.S. mobile ad revenue was 51.7 percent or $750 million, according to eMarketer. It leads mobile display…

You-Centric Search Could Give Google+ a Boost

New feature lets users organize personal posts, photos, friends

Over the years, Google has updated its search service to organize everything from online images and video to news and blogs to products and patents. Its latest frontier? You. This morning,…

Google+ Pages Updated for the Holidays

Updates include multimanager support, new notifications

Just ahead of the holiday season, Google is wrapping new Google+ features and updates, including a few specific to its pages for brands and businesses. “Some of these were on nearly…

Google+ Pages to Test Third-Party Social Media Tools

Buddy Media, HooteSuite, Involver Among Trial Companies

A week after unveiling Google+ pages for brands and businesses, Google has invited a handful of social media management companies to test integration of Google+ in their tools. The six companies—HooteSuite,…

Google Loses D.C. Head, Addresses Android Concerns

Plus: Google+ could open up to younger users

Google is losing the head of its D.C. office, Alan Davidson, who announced via an internal memo that he'll be leaving the company later this month. "I've decided it's the…

Google Lures Journalists to Google+ with Google News Integration

It's all part of search giant's social strategy

Last summer, Google started offering journalists a chance to have a photo byline attached to their articles in Google News. But since everything Google does lately seems to have an…

Rival Social Networks Take Stage at Web 2.0

Google's Vic Gundotra addresses Facebook's 'huge advantage'

In virtually back-to-back sessions Wednesday, executives from Google and Facebook were interviewed on-stage at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco. Not surprisingly, the rivalry between the Google +social network…

Google+ Now Open to All

Social network to challenge Facebook

Google has opened its social networking site, Google+, to the public, after three months as an invite-only service. The search company has updated features for Google+, including video “hangouts," where…

Google Shuts Down Social Apps Developer Slide

Focus now on Google+

As Google shifts its social focus to Google+, there doesn’t seem to be room for some of the company's older social efforts—even the very expensive ones. AllThingsD reported yesterday that Google…