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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Tugs Nascar Fans' Heartstrings in Goodyear Spot

Inspiring ad will debut during Daytona 500

Goodyear is targeting Nascar's massive fan base in new ads featuring one of the sport's most recognizable faces, Dale Earnhardt Jr. The spot "Driven Like Jr.," by GSD&M, will debut during…

How Nascar Plans to 'Own' Father's Day

New campaign builds on brand's multi-generational legacy

The brand marketer frenzy known as Mother's Day is only a few days behind us, but Nascar is already revving up for the holiday's under-celebrated spouse: Father's Day.  Family is a…

ESPN Uses Client Testimonials in Its Upfront

Diageo, Subway, Macy's

There’s an uncommonly large crowd on hand for this taping of SportsCenter, as some 2,000 observers are huddled around as anchor Hannah Storm winds down the 9:30 a.m. segment. Throwing…

Goodyear Keeps Drivers Distracted With Bubble Wrap

'Sometimes it's not easy to stop'

Y&R in Brazil put together an interesting stunt for Goodyear recently, inserting sheets of bubble wrap into newspapers and handing them out to drivers in São Paolo as they waited…

Old geezers driving always good for a laugh

Leagas Delaney in London has some fun at the expense of an oblivious elderly woman driver in this commercial for Goodyear tires—which apparently hold up better than human beings over…