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Ad of the Day: Smart Car Takes on Cinematic Clichés in a Peppy New Campaign

Driving off the beaten path

Why do epic car chases always happen in slow motion? You won't get the answer to that, but the trope will at least be addressed in the latest amusing campaign…

This Year's Most Anti-Consumerist Christmas Ad Is Also One of Its Loveliest

Edeka finds lighter side after 2015's notoriously dark spot

It's time for German supermarket chain Edeka's annual Christmas ad. And rather than being super macabre, it's super heartwarming. Edeka, of course, had the most notoriously dark Christmas ad of 2015,…

This Magazine's Simple, Poignant Cover Remembers the Paris Attacks of a Year Ago

Zeit evokes powerful emotions with a ticket stub

Nov. 13 will mark one year since the attacks in and around the Bataclan concert venue in Paris. To commemorate this somber anniversary and its victims, Germany's Zeit Magazin—a supplement…

Makers of the Famous 'Dear Brother' Johnnie Walker Spec Ad Just Made a Volvo Ad to Die For

Also spec, but the automaker gave the green light

Death becomes them. Filmmakers Daniel Titz and Dorian Lebherz came to prominence last year with the breathtaking "Dear Brother" spec ad for Johnnie Walker. That spot, with 7 million views across…

Nothing Says Home Improvement Quite Like a Naked Man Tumbling Through the Wilderness

Latest lunacy from Hornbach

Many people are familiar with the feeling of dread that accompanies Dad deciding to fix the sink, or build a garden pond, on his own. He crawls under the house,…

Step Right Up and Watch This Air Acrobat Attempt the Most Irresponsible Circus Act Ever

Branded stunt is madness, or is it?

One December day at the International Scene of Contemporary Dance in Stockholm, Sweden, a man named Olle, one of the best air acrobats in the world, did a triple-somersault jump.…

See the Nivea Campaign That John Hegarty Called the Stupidest Thing He's Ever Seen

A robotic seagull that shits sunscreen on you at the beach

Ready for a sunscreen-shitting seagull? Sir John Hegarty, co-founder of Bartle Bogle Hegarty and all-around advertising legend, was jury president of the Titanium and Integrated Lions at Cannes this year. And…

This Crazy Supermarket Ad, Full of Cats, Will Give You a Big Cheshire Grin

Plus, it's 'good for all mankind'

Forget about next week's Cannes Lions. Check out all the crazy cats in this commercial for Netto, a German supermarket chain.  These 75 seconds of epic kitty cuteness take place in…

Ad of the Day: Can a Big, Soft, Naked Guy Get You to Splurge on This Mattress?

Muun's gentle giant

When Frank Künster isn't bouncing drunken rowdies out of the King Size bar in Berlin, he's moonlighting as a nude model for mattress retailer Muun, appearing in web and outdoor…

Ad of the Day: Smart Car Gives Lie Detector Tests to Drivers in Front of Their Loved Ones

To see if they're as 'open' as the Fortwo Cabriolet convertible

The Smart Fortwo Cabriolet is the only convertible in its class that has a roof that truly opens completely. And so, its drivers should be "open," too—at least according to…