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The Scavenging Raccoons From Geico's New TV Ad Are Doing Gross Cooking Demos Online

The Martin Agency dreams up Raccookin'

Usually when a brand unveils a TV spot, any related content online is, at best, a marginal value-add. But lately, Geico's online extras have been at least as good—and in…

Geico Created a Quirky Web Series Made Just for Esports Fans

Featuring Team SoloMid

Everybody's trying to get in with an esports team ... even Geico.  In an unexpected web series released in August, Geico-sponsored Team SoloMid (TSM) have moved into a new neighborhood. Convinced…

Ice T Talks Lemonade for Geico, and the TV Spot Isn't Even the Best Part

Rapper punts 'the milk of the lemons'

Geico has tapped Ice T as the latest cameo in its ongoing "It's Not Surprising" campaign. And while that may be a surprising follow-up to guys like Marco Polo, he breathes comical…

Geico's Latest Crazy Talking Animal Is a Shady Alligator With Tiny Arms

It's what he does (or rather, doesn't do)

It turns out there are advantages to being an alligator, like dodging the check when eating out with friends because your arms are just too short to reach it.  That's the…

Geico Fast-Forwards Through Its Latest Clever Prerolls, but You Might Want to See More

The Martin Agency's follow-up to 'Unskippable'

Geico and The Martin Agency had a huge hit with their "Unskippable" preroll campaign on YouTube last year, which Adweek named the best campaign of 2015. This year's follow-up campaign,…

Man Who Hates Seeing So Many Geico Ads Stuffs 300 of Them Into One Frightening Video

Protesting the 'reign of milquetoast chaos'

Some say Geico is going through a golden age of creativity, from its super-viral "Hump Day" camel spot to its Cannes Grand Prix-winning "Unskippable" campaign. But Dominick Nero is not…

Geico's 'It's What You Do' Campaign Is in Fair Condition After Emergency Surgery

Classic game crashes latest ad

Is Geico's "It's What You Do" campaign on life support? Not yet, but it's been hospitalized with a severe case of the non sequiturs. I'm not a huge fan of the…

Dora the Explorer Is a Dream-Crushing Buzzkill in Geico's Excellent New Ad

Hey, it's what she does

Geico's "It's What You Do" campaign, while mildly amusing, hasn't produced any true gems—until now. While it would be nice not to spoil the ending of the Antarctic ad below, Geico…

Salt-N-Pepa Tell Football Players and Pregnant Ladies to Push It for Geico

Push it real good

If you're excited by rumors of a Salt-N-Pepa reunion album, you'll thoroughly enjoy this Geico ad where Salt, Pepa and DJ Spinderella don their famous jackets and tell everybody to…

Teens in Horror Movie Make the Stupidest Decisions in Amusing Geico Ad

'It's what you do,' says new campaign

Geico introduces its latest advertising theme, "It's what you do," in this amusing horror-movie sendup from The Martin Agency that breaks just in time for Halloween. Much like the insurer's "Did…