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Microsoft Commercial Reveals Company's Outlook on Gay Marriage

New spot features lesbian wedding

First, Amazon treated gay marriage like it was no big whoop in its latest Kindle ad. And now this. Microsoft has juxtaposed becoming a professional stuntman with getting gay married…

Amazon's Gay Kindle Spot: A Nice Surprise, or a Little Forced?

Paperwhite ad gets mixed reviews

Amazon's gay-marriage-friendly "Husbands" ad for its Kindle Paperwhite e-reader with built-in light is generating lots of conversation, most of it positive, though there is some criticism in the mix. The…

Wedding Magazine Flip-Flops on Photographer's Ad Showing Gay Couple

Change of heart, and apology, after protest

Wedding photographer Anne Almasy probably didn't think buying her first print ad in a magazine would be such an emotional roller coaster. Weddings Unveiled initially rejected her ad because it…

Star Wars 'Gay Planet' Upsets Advocates and Opponents Alike

Bioware bungles addition of same-sex romance to Old Republic

If you run a popular video game and you're on the fence about including gay themes, what's the best way to make everyone happy? Not like this. Bioware, creator of Star…

Anti-Gay Group Sued for Using Gay Couple's Wedding Photo in Attack Ad

'Defilement of a beautiful moment'

Another day, another Republican political campaign running into copyright issues. The Southern Poverty Law Center is suing an anti-gay group—called the Public Advocate of the United States, of all things—for…

JCPenney Hits Back at Anti-Gay Critics With 2 Dads in Father's Day Ad

Hey, One Million Moms, you mad bro?

Earlier this month, the anti-gay group One Million Moms (which has substantially less than 1 million members) called for a boycott of JCPenney after it featured some lesbians in its…

Group Targets JCPenney Again, This Time Over Lesbians in Catalog

One Million Moms is back for more

Memo to One Million Moms: Timing is everything. The conservative group, a unit of the American Family Association, is once again taking aim at JCPenney. Not content with being slapped…

London's Mayor Bans Anti-Gay Bus Ads

Work pushed 'reparative therapy' for gay Christians

A Christian advertising campaign promoting gay reparative therapy has been yanked from London buses, but not by my homies in the Advertising Standards Authority. No, London's mayor himself, Boris Johnson,…

Billboard With Men Almost Kissing Offends L.A. Mom

She objects to its 'blatant porn-iness'

A billboard featuring two shirtless hunks homing in for a kiss has stirred up some controversy. The ad, for the mobile version of gay social networking site Manhunt, recently debuted…

Australia Gets Up for Touching Marriage Equality Spot

First-person narrative has slow reveal

Get Up!, an advocacy group in Australia, has just released this touching commercial by the Motion Picture Company lobbying for marriage equality. Research by The Third Way, a think tank…