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How Treating Consumers Like Partners Will Rescue Advertising From Itself

Ad Blocking will cease if respect is established

Unsubscribe is our favorite toggle in our inbox. Skip, our favorite prompt when viewing online videos. Block, our go-to option for internet browsing. Why? Because advertising's relationship with the consumer…

FTC Wants Volkswagen to Pay American Consumers for Deceptive 'Clean Diesel' Ads

Seeks a court order to compensate buyers

The Federal Trade Commission has run out of patience with Volkswagen and its advertising campaigns. Today the FTC filed a complaint in federal court charging the auto giant with repeatedly making deceptive…

FTC Slams Lord & Taylor for Not Disclosing Paid Social Posts and Native Ads

Brand agrees to settle charges it deceived customers

The Federal Trade Commission's decision to crack down on Lord & Taylor today for failing to reveal its relationships with paid promoters may change native ads and influencer-driven social media…

Here's How to Avoid FTC Scrutiny of Your Clients' Native Ads

New guidelines detail disclosure requirements

The Federal Trade Commission has new guidelines for native ads—and a new commitment to cracking down on violators, which could include brands, agencies or others involved with creating branded content. "In…

Advocacy Groups Lambast Big Brands and YouTube for Junk Food Ads Aimed at Kids

Oreo, Coke and BK named in complaint to FTC

A pair of advocacy groups today took YouTube and major brands to task for junk-food videos allegedly appearing on the YouTube Kids smartphone app, asking the Federal Trade Commission to…

'Unboxing' YouTube Marketers Are Accused of Tricking Kids

Brouhaha rises over clips of fun toys

The YouTube Kids app can sometimes feel like a shopping channel, with videos upon videos of kids unboxing toys. The clips star pitch-kids who have mastered the art of the…

Did Lord & Taylor's Hot Instagram Campaign Thumb Its Nose at FTC Disclosure Rules?

Some fear regulatory crackdown if brands downplay paid placement

Last weekend, Lord & Taylor scored a social media coup with an Instagram blitz that had 50 fashion influencers wearing the same dress, which sold out right away. There was, however,…

FTC: No, Agencies Can't Ask Staffers to Casually Tweet Nice Things About Clients

A cautionary tale about disclosure in social media

As brands push their messages through social media platforms like Twitter, the Federal Trade Commission is reminding marketers they need to disclose any bias on their promotional materials—even if they…

Yelp Settles Lawsuit for Collecting Minors' Email Addresses

Pays FTC $450,000

Yelp is the latest company to come under fire from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for allegedly gathering names and email addresses from children without parental consent. The San Francisco company…

Mobile Coupon Growth Expected to Continue

Despite privacy concerns

There were an estimated 560 million digital coupon users in 2014, and that number is expected to grow to over a billion by 2019, according to a new study by…