Ad of the Day: FreeCreditScore

Rhett & Link act out your wacky suggestions for making the company's ads more entertaining

There may be some things that could make checking your credit score a little less boring. There are definitely a lot of things that could make watching a commercial about…

Ad of the Day:

Two years after getting kicked to the curb, the original band is back

You just can't keep a bad band down. Well, that's not entirely fair. The original band, led by French Canadian frontman Eric Voilette, were actually pretty good—at lodging infernally catchy…

Courtney Stodden Stars in Worst Ad of 2012 So Far

Plays a mermaid in parody spot

[Note: This is not a real ad. See update below.]      Jezebel's writers can be a little overly sensitive, but they're right to heap abuse on this Courtney Stodden ad…