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Ad of the Day: Mads Mikkelsen Is a Riveting, Bizarre Hitman in Ford's 8-Minute Gangster Flick

One way to fall in love with an SUV

The new Ford Edge is so enchanting, it will turn the vicious assassin that an arms dealer hired to kill you into a smitten guardian angel—though the killer with the…

Why Internet-Famous Dogs Are Fetching So Much Love From Brands

Meet 5 nonhuman social media influencers

Social media influencers have transformed the way brands interact with consumers—and a lot of those influencers aren't human. Like Super Bowl ads that use cute puppies to sell everything from…

VML Launches a Fellowship Program to Unite Its U.S. and China Offices and Reduce Turnover

Created in partnership with Syracuse University

As a relatively young global network (founded in 1992) VML noticed that while it's continuing to expand across the world, there has been some trouble developing a connection between its…

Ford's VR App Lets You Experience Life as a Race Car Driver

A thrill ride at Le Mans

Virtual reality makes a lot of sense for auto brands—after all, what better way to show off your car's features than to put consumers in the virtual driver's seat? But…

How Ford Is Snapchatting the Olympics Without Mentioning the Olympics

Nonsponsor's campaign follows USOC's strict IP rules

If you're not an official Olympics sponsor, creating a social media campaign centered on the games or its themes without breaking the U.S. Olympic Committee's many, many, intellectual property rules can…

Ford Is Teaming Up With Jose Cuervo to Make Car Parts From Agave

A shot of sustainability

Environmentally conscious auto manufacturing just got a shot in the arm—or rather, a shot of tequila. Ford and Jose Cuervo are teaming up to turn agave plant byproduct from tequila…

Ford Designs a Massive 'Escape the Room' Game in NYC to Replace the Test Drive

Experiential event aims to attract millennials

Ford is turning the typical test drive experience on its head this weekend with a giant driveable game in New York. The venue, which will be open from June 23-26,…

This Man Ate a Ford Kuga, to Sample Its Delicious Materials, in Brand's First 'Taste Drive'

Eric Leclerc digests his biggest project to date

Every automaker says it uses the best materials. But how do you really know unless you try them? And by try, we mean eat. Ford Motor Co. in Israel wanted to…

This 20-Year-Old Agency Stays Relevant by Serving Brands That Want Data-Driven Results

Ansira's clients include Domino's and Jiffy Lube

Specs Who (L. to r.) Trae Clevenger, evp, chief strategy officer; Martin Reidy, president and CEO; and Judge Graham, evp, chief digital officer What Data-driven marketing agency Where St. Louis HQ, with offices…

Ad of the Day: Ford's Risky New Short Film About Divorce Is Beautiful and Sad

Director Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen explains the unconventional content

Divorce is a topic that's almost never explored in advertising. It's just too thorny and depressing. Yet it's also, of course, very relatable to plenty of people—and so Ford Denmark…