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Facebook Just Updated Its Logo Ever So Slightly. Can You Tell the Difference?

It's in a 'custom' font now

Facebook has basically used the same logo since 2005—its name in white, in Klavika font, on a blue background. But this week, the company, which is now allegedly worth more…

This Suite of Fonts Was Made From the Handwriting of the Homeless

Going beyond messages on cardboard

Homeless signs have been a font of ideas for creatives, but rarely has the focus been on the fonts themselves. The Arrels Foundation in Barcelona has created Homelessfonts—typefaces based on the…

Meet Comic Neue, a New Version of Comic Sans That Might Not Make You Vomit

For the 'typographically savvy'

A heartfelt hatred of Comic Sans is required for every graphic designer and anyone who happens to have good taste. But while most people use it as a cruel joke…

Can a Sustainable Font Help Save the World? This Ad Agency Has Made One

Ryman Eco by Grey London

Ryman Eco, a new "sustainable font" from U.K. retailer Ryman Stationery and ad agency Grey London, uses 33 percent less ink than standard typefaces. According to Grey, if the world…

Helvetica Perfume, 'For Those Who Dare to Be the Same'

Breathe in the distilled modernism of pure water

What do you get for the designer who has everything? How about nothing? Helvetica The Perfume is literally just water, or "modernism distilled." Created as a gag gift by creative collective…

There's Finally a Video Game for Font Geeks

Type:Rider explores the legacy of letterpress

Most of us can spot Comic Sans a mile away (or at least in an email forward from Aunt Connie), but now there's a video game for those who truly…

Logos Sure Look Stupid When Rendered in Comic Sans!

But really, what did you expect?

Topping today's list of first-world problems: What would famous logos look like in Comic Sans? Russian designer Oleg Tarasov provides the answer. In almost all cases, they take on a…

World's Nastiest Font Is Made From Someone's Leg Hair

Japanese student invents wispy typeface

Mayuko Kanazawa, a student at Tama Art University in Japan, was challenged recently to come up with a typeface without using a computer. So, she decided to photograph someone's leg…

Campaign Trails: Letters of Intent

Adweek's Tim Nudd on the fantastic world of fonts and typefaces—and why they're hotter than ever