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How David&Goliath's Name Is Helping Employees and Brands Be More Brave

CMO Stephen Larkin on the power of facing fear

Specs Who Stephen Larkin Current gig Chief marketing officer, David&Goliath Previous gig Chief marketing officer, 180LA Age 49 Twitter @StephenLarkin Adweek: What brought you to David&Goliath after nearly four years with…

OMD's Julie Fleischer Brings a Pragmatic Approach to the Agency World

Former Kraft exec settles into new role

Specs Who Julie Fleischer Current gig Managing director, OMD Chicago Previous gig Senior director of data, content and media at Kraft Age 49 Twitter @jfly Adweek: You famously said that "90 percent of…

Q&A: Bloomberg's Digital Chief Has His Sights Set on Cord Cutters

And why he calls Facebook 'the 800-pound gorilla'

Specs Current gig Global head of digital, Bloomberg Media Previous gig Svp, digital, Time, Inc. Twitter @msh200 Age 44 Adweek: Why did you want to come over to Bloomberg from Time? Scott Havens: The resources at this company are…

Viacom's Sales Chief Uses Data to Get to Know Millennials Better

Jeff Lucas' content creation game is on point

Specs Current gig Head of marketing and partner solutions, Viacom Previous gig Head of sales and marketing, music and entertainment, Viacom Age 52 Snapchat mainchair2323 Adweek: You've been in sales at Viacom for 11 years—a…

GroupM's New CEO Is Bringing Programmatic to Old-School Media Buying

Brian Lesser leans on his Xaxis background

Specs Current gig North American CEO, GroupM Previous gig CEO, Xaxis Twitter @Blesser Age 41 Adweek: How does your background at Xaxis help in your new role at GroupM? Brian Lesser: Ultimately, only a machine and…

Q&A: Marketing Vp Anne-Marie Kline Lets Customers Tell Living Proof's Story

It's not just wash, rinse, repeat for the hair brand

Specs Anne-Marie Kline Current gig Vp, global marketing, Living Proof Previous gig Svp, social content, Digitas Twitter @amkline Age 46 Adweek: What attracted you to Living Proof when you joined one year ago? Anne-Marie Kline: I had been…

Nielsen's New COO Explains Why Total Audience Measurement Is Taking So Long

Soon, 'everybody sees everything'

Specs Steve Hasker Current gig Global president and COO, Nielsen Previous gig Global president, Nielsen Age 46 Adweek: What are you tackling in the new position? Steve Hasker: Two things. One is the translation of total…

Mindshare’s Content Guru on What It's Like to Be a Creative in a Media Agency

And why he hates the branded content label

Specs Current gig Co-president, Mindshare Content+ Entertainment N.A. Age 39 Twitter @gvmanago Adweek: What was it like to transition from TV to becoming a creative guy in a media agency? Greg Manago: When I started…

Q&A: Mac Presents' Marcie Allen on How Tech Is Impacting Music Marketing

And what to look for at SXSW

Specs Current gig President, MAC Presents Twitter @MarcieAllen Age 42 Adweek: You've been in the music marketing industry for more than 20 years. What's new? Marcie Allen: Probably looking at all the new technology,…

iCrossing’s New Chief Strategy Officer Says Advertising Should ‘Feel Native’

Anne Bologna on infusing creativity into ad tech

Specs Current gig Chief strategy officer, iCrossing Previous gig Brand strategy vp, TripAdvisor Twitter @bologniac Age 58 Adweek: You've been in the industry now for more than 25 years. What is technology in advertising…