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Court Grants Stay to Put AT&T and T-Mobile Case on Hold

AT&T says it is considering how to revise $39 billion deal

Is AT&T admitting defeat in its $39 billion bid to acquire T-Mobile, or just taking a breather while it figures out another way to structure the merger?  In a terse statement…

Will Supreme Court Take Up Media Ownership Rules?

Media companies petition court to hear case

For decades, broadcast and newspaper companies have been in and out of court trying to convince a series of judges that the Federal Communications Commission's media ownership rules are hopelessly…

Republican Spectrum Bill Clears House Subcommittee

Dems' hopes for bipartisan bill dashed

Try as they might, House Democrats couldn't get the bipartisan spectrum bill they wanted. In a 17-6 vote, a Republican bill to free up more spectrum for wireless use and…

FCC Nominees Say the Right Things at Hearing

Committee approval likely, but Grassley hold still looms

President Obama's two nominees to the Federal Communications Commission said all the right things to the members of the Senate Commerce Committee during a hearing on their nominations Wednesday, earning…

FCC Opts to Release Embarrassing Report on AT&T-T-Mobile Merger

AT&T slams move, liberal groups hail it

The Federal Communications Commission officially granted AT&T and T-Mobile's request to withdraw their merger application on Tuesday. But that's where the good news ended for the telecoms. The commission did…

Dems Still Hoping for Bipartisan Spectrum Bill

Republican legislation goes to markup Thursday

A new bill from House Republicans that would reallocate more spectrum for the wireless industry seems sure to move through committee, but Democrats are still hoping for a bipartisan bill. Time…

Liberal Groups to FCC: Don't Let AT&T Off the Hook

Telecom accused of 'litigation gamesmanship'

Liberal interest groups Public Knowledge and Media Access Project don't just want AT&T's $39 billion deal with T-Mobile to die—they want AT&T to suffer; they want the Federal Communications Commission…

AT&T All but Gives Up on T-Mobile Merger

Last ditch effort to focus on DOJ court case

AT&T looks like it might be ready to give up on its $39 billion proposed acquisition of T-Mobile. Staggering from the Federal Communications Commission's likely rejection of the deal, AT&T…

AT&T, T-Mobile Designated for Administrative Hearing

FCC's Genachowski could not find deal served public interest

AT&T has a little less to be thankful for this November. Just as everyone in Washington, DC is headed for grandma's, the Federal Communications Commission decided to make big news about…

Genachowski Trying to Keep Media Ownership Review Quiet

Rules low priority at FCC

The last thing Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski wants to talk about are the media ownership rules. With the exception of a fleeting mention of media ownership, Genachowski has…