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Infographic: Pokemon Go Could Be What Farmville Never Was—Successful

Here's how brands can catch ‘em all

It hasn't even been around for a full month and Pokemon Go has already changed the way marketers and advertisers are thinking about young consumers. The augmented reality (AR) mobile…

10 Great Moments in Web Journalism Besides Deadspin's Te'o Scoop

From Favre to Bubba to FarmVille, the big stories that put pubs on the map

Brett Favre’s penis was certainly a big deal, so to speak. But Manti Te'o’s imaginary/made up dead girlfriend has thrust Gawker Media's Deadspin into the spotlight like never before. As of…

EA's E3 Message: We're Social, Mobile and Always Evolving

Gaming publisher pushes into social gaming, tablets, the cloud

Video games are each a social network onto themselves. They're never quite finished. And video games are no longer bound by the console hooked up to giant TV screens. Those were…

Players Lend a Helping Hand—or, Thumb

Social games like FarmVille boost charitable causes—and burnish the reputations of blemished brands

When Japan was hit last year with one of the biggest earthquakes ever measured, Laura Hartman received a text from her brother. Hartman’s brother just happens to be Mark Pincus,…

Lady Gaga Drenches FarmVille in Love, Acceptance, and Sparkly Jewels

We told you Lady Gaga was coming to FarmVille. Now, Zynga has released a 2:20 trailer for the Gaga integration, titled "Paws Up. Hoedown." It's actually quite subtle and brilliant,…

Lady Gaga Joins Forces With Zynga

Special game tie-ins will offer free music and virtual goods

Zynga is launching a range of Lady Gaga-branded features in its social games (which include the popular FarmVille and Mafia Wars) that will connect users to music downloads and other…

FarmVille Becomes Reality

Actual farm in England run by virtual farmers

FarmVille, the 46 million-strong Facebook game sensation, is taking root in the real world. Online users will now manage a large working farm in Cambridgeshire, England, through the FarmVille-inspired MyFarm…