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Heinz Is Very Sorry for Ketchup Bottle's QR Code That Led to a Porn Site

The perils of letting a domain lapse

As proof that time makes fools of us all, an out-of-date Heinz ketchup QR code sent unsuspecting German man David Korell to a hardcore pornography site. The code was part…

Seahawks Follow Up Their Big Win With a Bigger Fail: A 'We Shall Overcome' MLK Tweet

Post is quickly deleted

One day after their unbelievable, inspiring win over the Green Bay Packers, which sent them to the Super Bowl, the Seattle Seahawks hit rock bottom on Twitter with a tweet…

The 13 Biggest Brand Fails of 2014

The year's silliest, scariest and stupidest screw-ups

What were they thinking? That's about all you ask from the marketers on this list of 2014 brand fails, which run the gamut from arrogant to sexist to obscene to just…

Pace Salsa Twitter Debacle Was a Prank By Comedians on a Comedian

Hilarious back-and-forth was, sadly, fake

UPDATE 2: The truth (or as close as the Internet gets to the truth) is finally revealed. This whole fracas was a prank by comedian Randy Liedtke and (we're guessing) podcasting…

Kellogg's Apologizes for Promising to Feed Hungry Kids Only If You Retweet

Strings attached

The uneasy relationship between corporate good deeds and the positive PR that naturally comes from them is highlighted again this week, as Kellogg's U.K. deleted a tweet and then apologized…

Bakers Burn Their Brand to a Crisp in Epic Facebook Meltdown

No wonder Gordon Ramsay ditched them

UPDATE: The bakery is now claiming its social-media accounts were hacked, and that it did not post the incendiary messages. This claim is not being wholeheartedly accepted by commenters on…

Idiotic Billboard Celebrating Women Shows Three Grinning Dudes in Suits

Honorers push out honorees

Your billboard fail of the day comes from Halifax, Nova Scotia, where Mount Saint Vincent University put up an ad encouraging people to honor the "remarkable women" in their lives…

16 Humiliating Twitter Brand Fails in One Painfully Hilarious Chart

Do not be this stupid

Twitter is a brilliant place for brands to connect with consumers. It's also a brilliant place—unparalleled, perhaps—for brands to absolutely humiliate themselves with idiotic posts. The infographic below collects 16…

The 20 Biggest Brand Fails of 2012

A shameful roundup of the year's most humiliating marketing blunders

Judging by the traffic trends on this blog, it seems the only thing more enjoyable than a brilliant, uplifting, inspirational marketing success is a horrible, embarrassing, cringe-worthy marketing blunder—otherwise known…