Topic: Facebook Credit

Facebook Unwraps Gifts Product

Could lead to larger e-commerce play

Remember when giving someone a gift on Facebook was like sending them a really intricate emoticon? Yeah, people stopped doing that, and so did Facebook. But now the social network…

Facebook Credits: Marketers Say Good Riddance

Removes consumer perception problems, say experts

There will be no funeral for Facebook Credits among the companies that ran Credits-based campaigns for advertisers. Even Plink, a loyalty rewards company that initially built its entire business around…

Facebook Gives Up on Facebook Credits

Social network instead allowing users to purchase virtual goods with real money

Facebook has begun phasing out its Credits virtual currency, which users had purchased from the social network to put toward buying everything from FarmVille’s virtual currency to live concerts. Instead,…

Facebook Still Courting Media Business

Media companies are both enamored with and cautious of the social media giant

Mark Zuckerberg has long encouraged other industries to follow the lead of the gaming business, which he believes has been transformed by social media. The Facebook CEO often points to…

Facebook Blames Ad Slowdown on Mobile

Says more users access site via mobile, where ads are nonexistent

Facebook is attributing its recent ad slowdown to a complete lack of mobile ad strategy—but that doesn’t mean the social giant is about to dial up the number of ads…

Facebook Makes Cents for Users

Watch an ad, get a Credit

It now pays to watch ads on Facebook. The site is rolling out a new scheme today that will reward users for watching certain ads with Facebook Credits, the company’s…