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Olay’s Twins Study Tries to Tap Into Fountain of Youth

Double double, skin toil and trouble

Olay wants to prove that its products really do make a difference on your skin. In order to hit home with its point, the company let one half of a…

3 Brands Among Top 10 YouTube Videos of the Year

But not a single traditional media company makes the cut

This year, Ylvis was a hero to most. The Norwegian duo's bizarre hit, The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) was the biggest YouTube video of the year, at 273 million views…

The 10 Most-Viral Ads of 2013 (So Far)

The most sharable hits through five months of a great year for online video

A forensic artist drawing a picture of a baby Clydesdale shipping its pants? Now that would be a viral commercial supernova. Dove, Budweiser and Kmart all rank near the top of…

Evian's Talented Fridge Magnet Restocks Your Bottled Water

BETC calms a moment of panic

Imagine the future. You're plumbing the depths of the oversized fridge at your chateau in the south of France, and you realize you're running low on bottled water. Panic! Nope.…

Evian Brings Dancing Baby Torsos to Digital Bus Shelters

Touch the screen, watch them boogie

Wook! Baba dance fo wawa! Evian's latest campaign, with the adults in dancing-baby-torso T-shirts (a follow-up to the previous, and better, baby roller-skaters), was recently extended to bus shelters in…

Evian unleashes a brigade of rollerbabies

It's been over a decade since that damned dancing baby was all over the Internet, but Evian is convinced that people around the world still thirst for computer-animated cuteness. Thus…