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Apple Takes Shots at Microsoft With iPad Air, Software

Execs say what they really think of rivals

Apple lobbed a barrage of Air to surface missiles in Microsoft’s direction today. Apple executives—led by CEO Tim Cook—at today’s keynote event to unveil the iPad Air took every opportunity to…

Publishers Fight to Control Consumer Data They Barely Use

Ironically, magazine companies haven't done all that much to exploit the data

The sticking point in publishers’ negotiations with Apple to sell magazines on the iPad was over who would control the customer data. Publishers said they needed it to renew and…

The Secret World of Apps

Apple’s approval process is a long journey for developers—and that’s how Steve Jobs likes it

Last week, Apple went to Washington, D.C., to answer questions from U.S. lawmakers about consumer privacy in the mobile marketplace. The visit was triggered by the discovery that Apple’s iPads…