Topic: Dubstep

Ad of the Day: Coke and Marquese Scott Take His Robotic, Hypnotic Moves to the Next Level

Triumphant return for a viral dance superstar

The last time Marquese Scott stepped onto the stage of Atlanta's Fox Theatre, it was for one of several reality-show auditions that failed to elevate him out of anonymity. In…

10 Ads That Killed Dubstep

How marketing co-opted another musical genre that used to be cool

It's a cultural shift as inevitable as the tide: No matter how deeply underground its roots run, every musical style is eventually co-opted by the corporate world. That's exactly what's…

To Advertisers, Marquese Scott Has All the Right Moves

Dubstep dancer stars in glut of ads

We seem to have reached a point where it's almost too easy to convince clients to use YouTube stars in their spots. Case in point: Not one, not two, but…