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Clever McDonald's Ads Show Classic Characters Getting the Best Deliveries Ever

Always 'what you love'

Here's a simple and fun McDonald's campaign from Leo Burnett Dubai promoting the fast-food chain's delivery service, showing various characters receiving exactly what they love in a McDonald's bag. (Not…

Dubai Resort Welcomes Giant Flock of Ghostly Bird-Humans in Odd JWT Ad

You'll save a bundle on airfare

JWT Dubai teamed with FilmWorks and Psyop for this strange 80-second CGI-fest that shows travelers flocking to Atlantis, The Palm, a luxury resort in Dubai. And they "flock" in the…

Candid Seat Belt PSAs Show You How to Use a Wheelchair and Change a Colostomy Bag

Gyro assumes you won't buckle up

Here's an unpleasant if novel way to recommend the use of seat belts: Show people detailed instructions on dealing with injuries from not wearing one. Gyro's Dubai office did just that…

Agency Poaches Talent by Mailing Out Books With a Phone Hidden Inside

Says it saved $80K in headhunter fees

Ah, it's the old hollowed-out-book-with-a-phone-in-it trick! FP7 in Dubai got smart by taking a novel approach to avoid hefty headhunter fees. The shop placed cellphones inside die-cut, faux ad industry books…

New Year's Resolutions Color Quiet Week for Brands on YouTube

Inspirational fare pops during relatively quiet holiday week

Last week—with New Year's Day smack in the middle—was relatively quiet for big branded Web video efforts. Not surprisingly, the branded clips that popped were New Yearsy, New You-ish in…

Fanta-Flavored Print Ad Probably Not Quite as Tasty or Refreshing as Fanta Itself

The latest in edible advertising

I was just thinking how much I'd like to eat a magazine ad right about now, and along comes this edible effort from OgilvyOne in Dubai for citrus-flavored Fanta. There's…