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How 2 Copywriters Convinced Strangers to Take Drugs and Try Building Ikea Furniture

'Hikea' videos began with a Craigslist ad

Earlier this week, an updated take on a famous anti-drug PSA posed the classic question: "This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs. Any questions?" Nope. But what about your…

These Shameless Cocaine Ads Prove the '70s Were a Hell of a Time to Be Alive

Need an ivory spoon? A gold razor?

Inspired by the hit Netflix series Narcos, about the exploits of Pablo Escobar, some fans decided to dig up some of the period's not-so-subtle ads for cocaine paraphernalia. They posted their…

Australia's Brutal New Anti-Meth Ads Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Just like one of the characters'

In Australia, "ice" is anything but cool. Ice addiction—that is, a taste for crystal meth—has become a terrifying scourge Down Under, prompting the federal government to launch a six-week, $9 million…

Leave It to Ben & Jerry's to Write the Best Tweet About Colorado's New Marijuana Law

Who's craving a pint?

On Jan. 1, Colorado became the first state to allow the sale of recreational marijuana to anyone 21 or older. Sales have become so successful that stores are unable to…

Weird Burger King Ad Says It's Better to Be Addicted to Whoppers Than Drugs

Which will kill you first?

In this controversial Burger King ad from Russia, a Whopper crushes a flower as a voiceover informs us: "This is a poppy. It was popular once, but now its time…