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Under Armour Is Making a New 3-Second Ad for Every Stephen Curry 3-Pointer in the Playoffs

This could get a little crazy

NBA star Stephen Curry is famous for shooting three-pointers. So, for each one he sinks during this year's postseason, Under Armour will honor him with a new three-second ad. The sports…

Ellie Kemper Crashes Old Droga5 Ads in the Agency's New Ads for Chase

Meta view of a world awash in sales pitches

Droga5's new work for Chase's Freedom Unlimited card is advertising about advertising. It stars Ellie Kemper, who amusingly points out how the world is inundated by commercials, billboards, product placement…

Droga5 Beautifully Tells One of History's Most Incredible Father-Son Stories for Hennessy

Reaching for heaven and earth with the Piccards

If you're looking for iconic brand ambassadors for your adventure-themed liquor campaign, you could do a lot worse than the Piccards, the father and son who accomplished incredible—and incredibly parallel—exploring…

Droga5 Will Hire a Design Intern This Weekend, but Only Via Instagram

Competition lasts just 48 hours

It's that time of year when the next batch of graduates and college students hunt for jobs and internships. Any design-minded students still vying for one of those coveted agency…

Google Tested 3 Versions of This Honey Maid Ad to See Which Worked Best Online

How a :15, a :30 and a 2:17 compare in boosting certain metrics

It's a fundamental choice for online video marketers: Should you hit viewers with a quick, memorable pitch that's (hopefully) less skippable? Or should you engage them with longer-form content that's…

Droga5's First Ads for Shea Moisture Address the Racial Divide in the Beauty Aisle

#BreakTheWalls targets 'divisive constructs'

Shea Moisture is using its first TV commercial, created by its new agency, Droga5, to generate awareness about segregation in the beauty aisle. With #BreakTheWalls, the brand looking to "highlight the…

Dad Dresses Up as a Fairy Princess for His Daughter in a Touching Ad for Chase

4 new spots from Droga5 will make you laugh, and maybe cry

Dads will do anything to make sure their daughters are taken care of and prepared for the future from setting aside money for their education to putting on a full…

Ad of the Day: Honey Maid Preaches Acceptance in Even More Polarized America

Droga5's 'Wholesome' campaign goes beyond the nuclear family

Honey Maid's "This Is Wholesome" campaign enters its third year today at a cultural crossroads. On the one hand, the Mondelēz brand's message of diversity and inclusivity is right in step…

Naysayers Motivate Young Athletes by Calling Them Lazy and Undeserving in Campaign for IMG Academy

Droga5 created the inspiring spots

Kids today are lazy, unmotivated and have everything handed to them. They want to be praised and rewarded, but don't want to do any of the hard work. You might…

What Michael Phelps Loves About His Under Armour Ad, and Why He's Never Worn Nike

Our chat with the Olympic legend ahead of his swan song in Rio

BALTIMORE, Md.—Michael Phelps and Under Armour were, in a sense, born at the same moment. The performance sports apparel brand was founded here in Baltimore in 1996 by Kevin Plank. That same…