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Ad of the Day: Oddball 'Bragspeople' Sing Pizza Hut's Praises in First Ads From Droga5

Humble chain finds a workaround for self-congratulation

Pizza Hut has a lot to brag about, but it's way too humble to do so. So, the pizza chain is having some surprising characters do the bragging for them.  That's…

Ad of the Day: Under Armour Unleashes a Wild and Furious New Ad With Cam Newton

UA's Adrienne Lofton takes us through Droga5's latest epic

Under Armour had a huge hit with its Michael Phelps "Rule Yourself" spot, which broke in March and helped drive the sportswear brand through the Olympics last month. Now, UA tells…

Dixie Builds Diners in Dead Zones to Help Friends and Families Reconnect

No more distracting smartphones

You might complain about your crappy cell service every now and then, but in 2016 it's pretty hard to find a dead zone. That means it's much easier for us…

Quilted Northern Celebrated the Very Forgettable National Toilet Paper Day With Tiny Pop-Up Shops

Never think about buying TP again

Last week a very important national holiday took place. It wasn't as important Women's Equality Day, which was also last week, but an essential holiday that touches every person in…

Johnsonville Dreams Up Its Own Version of Santa Claus to Celebrate Bratsgiving

Droga5 presents Carl the Great Bratsgiver

             Meet the Santa Claus of sausages, Carl the Great Bratsgiver. Johnsonville If a day dedicated to bratwurst—titled Bratsgiving Day, of course—had its own character, as Christmas has Santa Claus,…

Why Under Armour's Michael Phelps Ad Is One of the Most Shared Olympics Spots Ever

New data reveals the secrets behind its social success

This summer, Michael Phelps is swimming for his last time at the Olympics and collecting a few more gold medals along the way. Outside of his extensive hardware collection, Phelps…

Is Pokemon Go Finally Making Augmented Reality Mainstream?

Brands like Porsche and State Farm are trying it out

Until Pokemon Go became a viral phenomenon by amassing more than 100 million downloads in a few weeks, augmented reality was confined to tech types and sci-fi fiends. However, thanks…

How Droga5 London Will, and Won't, Be Like the Mothership

David Kolbusz reveals his plans, and the value of awards, at Clio judging in Bali

BALI, Indonesia—David Kolbusz has a "No assholes" rule when it comes to judging ad awards, and it's worked out pretty well for him lately. The creative chief at Droga5 London has…

David Droga Tells Us His Top 10 Droga5 Campaigns to Celebrate a Decade in Business

From 'The Great Schlep' to 'Friends Furever'

  2016 marked a major milestone for Droga5. This summer the agency celebrated its 10th anniversary, and while creative chairman…

Hillary Clinton's New Ad Paints Donald Trump as a Bad Role Model for Kids

Using his own words against him

Hillary Clinton's campaign just released a new 60-second attack ad using some of Donald Trump's most deplorable moments against him.  The spot, which was rolled out on the candidate's Twitter, Facebook…