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9 Intriguing and Fun Digital Marketing Stats From the Past Week

BuzzFeed really relies on Facebook and Snapchat for views

With summer largely in the rearview mirror, marketers are attending conferences and generally revealing more media- and brand-related data. Here are nine of such stats that caught our eye last…

For Consumers, Microsoft's HoloLens Is Still About 5 Years Away

But brands may get to use it sooner

Microsoft's HoloLens technology blends real life with holographic virtual reality, but it still may not be available as a consumer product until 2020. "This is going to be a five-year journey,"…

This Startup Uses Data to Create More Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly Food Brands

And Andrew Zimmern is a fan

Hampton Creek, like most companies nowadays, employs data for marketing. More interestingly, the packaged-foods startup yesterday explained how it crunches the numbers to create products that are more profitable, environmentally…

Salesforce Adds $1M Prize in Disputed Hackathon

After review, company finds no flaw in contest

Cloud software platform Salesforce, following a review of its contest rules, awarded two top $1 million prizes in its hackathon, which had come under intense scrutiny after the original winner…

Winner of Salesforce's Hackathon Is Under Fire

Upshot's $1M Dreamforce app may be a farce

The integrity of Salesforce’s hackathon event this week is being questioned after it was revealed that the winner, a former employee of the sponsor, may have built the app outside…