Topic: Don't Panic

British Girl From Save the Children's Famous PSA Is Now a Refugee in This Brutal Sequel

Follow-up to 2014's viral hit

Two years after making one of the most famous PSAs about the Syrian crisis, Save the Children has unleashed a sequel—which follows the girl from the original as she flees…

This Woman Snoops on People's Phones in a Great Hidden-Camera PSA About Privacy

Why does it feel more intrusive in person?

Would you give a complete stranger who walked up to you on the street access to all the personal data on your phone? Ad agency Don't Panic stages such a scenario…

Kids Describe Their Real-World Superheroes in Save the Children's Empowering New PSA

A charming mix of imagination and appreciation

A film crew investigates "superhero" sightings in India, Kenya and Mexico, interviewing needy kids in this touching spot for Save the Children. "They did something magical and the maize grew from…

Save the Children Follows Up Its Brutal Syria PSA With a Similar One About Literacy

Escape a life of misery, for only 10 minutes a day

Attention, dads. If you take a nap instead of reading with your son, he will grow up to be the kind of illiterate, all-around failure who gets misspelled tattoos about…

Even If You Hate Greenpeace and Love Lego, You Have to Admire This Gorgeous Attack Ad

With Shell around, everything is not awesome

Greenpeace takes a page from Chipotle's marketing playbook—haunting animation plus a distressing cover of a well-known song—in its continuing assault on Lego for partnering with Shell on a set of…

Three Years Later, We Finally Have a Brutally Powerful Ad About the Crisis in Syria

A girl's life destroyed in one second a day

For PSA campaigns aimed at getting people to help the children of Syria, job one is making the crisis feel immediate rather than remote. Last month's hidden-camera stunt in Norway, in…