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McDonald's 'HealthyGate' Surprisingly Doesn't Inspire Much Snarky Fun on Twitter

Subway and Domino's make tepid plays, but healthier fast-food brands aren't biting

One would think the revelation that McDonald's had been advising its employees to avoid many of the items the quick-serve chain offers would inspire purveyors of healthier foods to jump…

Instead of Pointing at Airplanes, Domino's Parody Billboard Points Out Delivery Drivers

Riding on the success of 'Look Up' from British Airways

Remember British Airways' interactive "Look Up" billboard with a kid pointing at airplanes as they flew by overhead? Well now Domino's U.K. is spoofing the concept with its own "Look…

Domino's Needles Pizza Hut for Saying It Makes Weekdays Feel Like Weekends

'That would be a lie'

Domino's has fired the latest shot in the pizza wars by disparaging unnamed competitors—OK, clearly Pizza Hut—for overpromising the effect its midweek deals will have on your mundane little life. "We…

Domino's Jumps on the Startup Bandwagon

Chain gives free pizza 'investments' to entrepreneurs

Domino's has joined the chorus of voices praising tech and innovation and start-ups (three of the key squares in Media Buzzword Bingo) with its “Powered by Pizza” campaign. It posits…

Artists Give Old Domino's Signage a Second Life in 'Second Hand Logos' Project

Upcycling the obsolete

Say what you want about Domino's (it's an abomination unto the Lord), but it has one of the better branded Pinterest projects I've seen in a while—Second Hand Logos. Since…

Domino's Tests Delivery of Pizza by Remote-Controlled Drone

The DomiCopter takes flight

Drones are in the news for all sorts of horrible reasons, but Domino's might salvage its reputation somewhat by eventually—someday—using them to deliver pizza. The company's DomiCopter—a joint effort by…

Taco Bell Promises 'Swift Action' After Employee Tongues Tacos on Facebook

Silly and disgusting pic goes viral

Well before the Internet, the quick-serve restaurant industry was challenged by disgusting tales or urban legends of what possibly happens to customer food before it's on the table. Social media…

Domino's New Site Lets You Watch Live Stream of Pizza Being Made Somewhere in Utah

Not quite as thrilling as it sounds

Life just got more stressful for the workers at a Domino's Pizza restaurant in Salt Lake City. That's because that particular location is the guinea pig for the chain's new…

Scott Oelkers and Hatsune Miku, Together at Last in Crazy Video From Domino's Japan

Chain's CEO introduces funky new app

Have you heard of Hatsune Miku? Perhaps not, but Domino's sure has. Here's a hint: She's one of Japan's biggest stars. More precisely, she is a holographic avatar created for…

Domino's Thanks 8 Million Facebook Fans by Toppling 50,000 Dominos

Another milestone video by CP+B

Domino's doesn't make much use of its namesake domino logo—until now. The pizza chain topples more than 50,000 dominos in the video below from Crispin Porter + Bogusky, as a…