Topic: Dinosaurs

Condom Advertising Gets Positively Prehistoric With Epic Depiction of Dinosaur Sex

From Japan, obviously

"Dinosaur sex, dinosaur sex/You make me feel like a Tyrannosaurus Rex." Forgotten U.K. post-punk band Family Fodder sang those lines way back in 1981, and now they've come to full and terrifying…

University of Alberta's Version of Barney Will Devour Your Tender Mammal Flesh

Jurassic George promotes paleobiology program

Jurassic George, a rubbery T-Rex who terrorizes his hapless human sidekicks on a Barney and Friends-type show promoting the University of Alberta's free online paleobiology classes, is a prehistoric hoot. Crafted…

Aspirin maker has new theory on dinosaurs

Scientific claims don't get much more dodgy than this. A new print campaign from Graffiti BBDO in Romania for an aspirin product says the dinosaurs were killed off by…