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The Tragedy of MLK's Death Is Woven All Through This Brilliant Memphis Grizzlies Jersey

Echoes of the Lorraine Motel are everywhere

Basketball jerseys might seem like an odd medium for honoring historical figures or making political statements, but maybe the post-Kaepernick sports era is more woke than the one before it.…

This Texas Agency Uses a Special Deck of Cards to Get New Hires Up to Speed

Employees explore the office to collect all 48

As small agencies expand, maintaining culture can be a challenge. McGarrah Jessee, an agency that threw a massive celebration complete with streamers and beach balls for its 100th employee, recently rounded…

Bud Light's Popular NFL Team Cans Are Back With a New Minimalist Design

Beer brand's 'most local campaign' yet

Bud Light has brought back its team-specific cans for the 2016-2017 NFL season. The beer behemoth has partnered with 27 of the 32 NFL teams on distinct can designs, which…

How Cannes Still Inspires and Surprises, and Why It Still Really Matters

You just have to know where to look

When I used to buy agencies, I discovered something that the consultants already knew. All agencies say the same thing. You can pretty much predict the exact words—media-neutral, idea-driven, brand…

How Moleskine Went From Parisian Scribble Pad to Global Icon

Devotees range from Picasso to Hamilton creator

Lin-Manuel Miranda worked for six years to get his Grammy- and Pulitzer-winning musical Hamilton from his head onto a stage. He worked on the songs everywhere—on his honeymoon, on the…

How Do You Get Bros to Drink Rosé Wine? Package It Like It's Beer

Safari Sundays designs an identity for The Drop

Rosé is great in giant bottles on the Carlton Terrace. But what if you're one of those average bros who's taken a liking to the pink stuff, which some have…

How Fitness, Health and Beauty Trends Shaped Westin's New Visual Identity

The hotelier's look is based on living well

As a brand, Westin has a history of focusing on wellness, dating back to the launch of its "heavenly bed" in 1999. It's continuing that tradition this week by launching…

Agency's Video Project Yields Award-Winning Documentary on the Power of Color

Brunner looked at design's influence on at-risk youth

What began as a routine video assignment for Atlanta ad shop Brunner unexpectedly yielded a stirring, award-winning 10-minute documentary about at-risk youths and the power of color to help change…

This Designer's Minimalist Year of the Monkey Poster Looks a Lot Like ... Something Else

Now he seems bummed

Minimalist design is great when it works, but sometimes the results can leave themselves wide open for interpretation. In the case of San Francisco designer Lehu Zhang, a quickly assembled poster idea…

7 Keys to Creating a Brand Logo That Works Absolutely Everywhere

Especially in the mobile-social era

A logo should instantly trigger a consumer's recognition of a brand and all it represents. But there are a lot of brands out there and, consequently, a lot of logos. Just…